labor market intelligence use cases

Talent Location and Availability, and Real-time Salary Insights

Claro is a powerful web-based application that helps companies identify the best talent locations, which competitors are hiring and where, and how much they’re paying. Companies can also access Claro data via API.

  • Diversity talent market mapping and competitive benchmarking
  • Real-time talent availability and salary information
  • Job seeking sonar to identify passive job seekers

People Analytics

People Analytics organizations are being asked for labor market insights that can help their companies make strategic workforce decisions.

  • Workforce attrition modeling
  • Competitive talent demand insights
  • Workforce location strategies

HR and Recruiting

HR and Recruiting organizations are being propelled to the forefront of corporate strategy as a result of the shift towards remote work.

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Equality are critical
  • Workforce supply and demand planning
  • Recruiting sonar zeroes in on top talent

Predict Attrition

In a post-pandemic world, it’s critical to know which employees might be at risk of leaving. Job seeking sonar identifies passive job seekers.

  • Help reduce turnover of salespeople
  • Identify if minorities are looking to leave
  • Retain your valuable employees
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