global labor market intelligence

Real-time Insights About Open Jobs And Talent Availability

Data that comes from your HR systems provides limited information about your workforce. Claro provides you additional insights by enabling you to search all workforce-related information available on the public internet.

Claro helps you gain real-time insights about how you compare with your peers in Diversity, specific talent markets or skill sets, employee attrition models, talent demand, and salary information.

Predict which employees are at risk of quitting by using our Job Seeking Sonar™ algorithm to save millions in employee replacement costs. You can also use Job Seeking Sonar™ in recruiting to reduce time to fill vacancies.

Claro Use Cases Energize Organizational Capabilities

Why not use Claro instead of buying many different tools to do the same job? Claro has comprehensive global talent market analytics; competitive information including demand, salary, gender and diversity insights, and direct social links to talent.

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    Diversity & Inclusion
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    Talent Discovery
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    Employee Retention
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    Competitive Analysis
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    Salary Insights
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    Attrition Modeling
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    Demand Planning
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    Talent Location