Table of Contents Download the extension Create an account Sign into your account Go to LinkedIn Identify Passive Job Seekers Note for Claro client users This document was last updated on July 24, 2021. Step 1: Download the extension Thanks for your interest in Claro’s free Job Seeking SonarTM extension built for the Chrome web […]

Claro is a Labor Market Intelligence platform that helps companies solve unprecedented business challenges in a post-pandemic world. Talent Location strategies and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are at forefront of corporate strategy so make sure to register for one or more of our upcoming webcasts, or watch one of our previously recorded events on demand. […]

LinkedIn users engage with content significantly less often than users on Instagram and Facebook. While LinkedIn’s total content amasses over 9 billion impressions per week, these impressions come from a small fraction of the total user base. In 2020, only 3 million of the 700 million LinkedIn users shared and interacted with content on a […]

Women’s representation in the workforce has increased over time, but women still lack representation in positions of leadership. To explore this inequality between women in the workforce and the percentage of women in leadership positions, we took a closer look into the gap. On our journey, we collected data on many industries, and in some, […]

Analytics that have the potential to help your organization make smarter and more opportune talent decisions are scattered across the world wide web. Harnessing these hidden insights will undoubtedly give your organization a competitive advantage.  Here are some tips on how you can harness value from workforce analytics: 1. Identify your statement of purpose or […]

You’ve probably heard that insights from data analytics allow companies to make more strategic decisions, but what exactly is data analytics and how does analyzing data help create opportunities for growth? Data analytics can inform organizations about current and projected workforce trends, and help them make more strategic decisions such as improving inclusivity, diversity, and […]

Even though diverse companies are proven to be more profitable, many giants like Facebook are still lagging in talent diversity. A few months ago, an ex-Facebook employee sent out a memo titled “Facebook has a black people problem.” The memo was written by a Strategic Partner Manager for Global Influencers who had a focus on underrepresented voices. […]

I have been seeing an uptick in press releases and marketing hype from HR Tech vendors — cough — AI powered, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Innovative and Disruptive, blah blah blah, claiming to predict employee attrition, and have been wondering if HR leaders really believe this marketing hype? What is the difference between a person being […]