The Mansfield Rule 4.0 is a measurement that serves to increase and sustain a diverse and inclusive workforce. One way to implement Mansfield compliance is by having at least 30% women, LGBTQ+, people of color, and people with disabilities within your candidate pool.

While the Mansfield Rule was originally formulated by law firms to improve gender representation, now the Rule’s criteria are being implemented across industries by forward-thinking organizations who are committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Collecting and analyzing diversity data are necessary steps in your company’s journey towards a more equitable and inclusive workplace. To apply the Mansfield Rule at your company and ensure that your hiring process is fair and responsible, start by creating a pool of prospects, then, utilizing Claro’s new Mansfield Rule 4.0 Compliance search feature, benchmark your results with the 30% criteria for the Rule. 

What do companies who have implemented the Rule think?

“The Mansfield Rule is a leading example of the kind of concrete action our profession needs right now. With the heightened focus it brings, Orrick has achieved 50% diversity in: our Board and Management Committee; our internally promoted partner class; and our lateral partner hires. No doubt, we have seen the concrete benefits of these diverse perspectives as we navigate an unprecedented year.” 

-Mitch Zuklie, Chairman, Orrick 

Claro recently launched a new search feature for the Mansfield Rule 4.0, which provides relevant insight into the talent market; ranging from the global scale all the way to an individual prospect in a pool. Pictured above is an example of Claro Analytics‘ Mansfield Rule 4.0 Compliance data, which compares the 30% guideline from Diversity Lab to Squarespace and Shopify.

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